ANN: gsm0710muxd 0.9.1 released

Marcel Holtmann marcel at
Mon Apr 28 12:16:01 CEST 2008

Hi Mickey,

> > what about including the original vala and marshal source files and have
> > them auto-generated at compile time.
> Not until vala reaches 1.0. I have only one Vala version in OE and I can't 
> afford updating all vala-users everytime I bump it.

but you can simply include all *.vala and *.marshal files in the tarball
to have them at least for reference.

On the other hand, the usage of Vala and D-Bus GLib bindings is total
overhead for this one. You might wanna have a look into libgdbus which
gives you D-Bus wit GLib mainloop integration without the hassle of
having an object oriented system. And in this case you only do GObject
to get D-Bus support. That introduces a dependency chain that is not
justifiable for a system daemon.

> > A simple compile test gives me 159 lines of warnings. These should be
> > fixed first since otherwise you start overlooking real bugs where the
> > compiler would have warned you.
> Well, I should probably remove -pedantic -- without it's down to 6.

Still warnings :)

> > Also never (I mean never) include C files from another C file. If you
> > have no idea on how to use autoconf/automake correctly, then ask
> > someone.
> Hehe, thanks for this "friendly" advice. Actually I do have a clue about 
> autotools and this part of the MUXer is not my baby, but yes, we'll fix that 
> later.

If you really think that having the GSM 07.10 in userspace is better
than the kernel solution, this code needs massive cleanup. It is almost
impossible to review this code.

Can you setup a git repository somewhere. Doing tarball only releases is
not really helpful.



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