ANN: gsm0710muxd 0.9.1 released

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Mon Apr 28 12:37:11 CEST 2008


> but you can simply include all *.vala and *.marshal files in the tarball
> to have them at least for reference.


> On the other hand, the usage of Vala and D-Bus GLib bindings is total
> overhead for this one. You might wanna have a look into libgdbus which
> gives you D-Bus wit GLib mainloop integration without the hassle of
> having an object oriented system. And in this case you only do GObject
> to get D-Bus support. That introduces a dependency chain that is not
> justifiable for a system daemon.
> > > A simple compile test gives me 159 lines of warnings. These should be
> > > fixed first since otherwise you start overlooking real bugs where the
> > > compiler would have warned you.
> >
> > Well, I should probably remove -pedantic -- without it's down to 6.
> Still warnings :)

Righto, need to fix that.

> > > Also never (I mean never) include C files from another C file. If you
> > > have no idea on how to use autoconf/automake correctly, then ask
> > > someone.
> >
> > Hehe, thanks for this "friendly" advice. Actually I do have a clue about
> > autotools and this part of the MUXer is not my baby, but yes, we'll fix
> > that later.
> If you really think that having the GSM 07.10 in userspace is better
> than the kernel solution,

It took quite some time for me to make up my mind about that and by now I 
indeed think userland is a good place for that piece of code. Eventually, we 
will might see a kernel MUXer or not, then we can reconsider. But until then 
I want something that gets the job done and gsm0710muxd does it.

> this code needs massive cleanup.  It is almost impossible to review this 

Agreed. The code layout is a bit on the ugly side. Patches very welcome.

> Can you setup a git repository somewhere. Doing tarball only releases is
> not really helpful.

Hmm, tarball-only? Try

svn checkout svn:// smartphones

and check for software/gsm0710muxd.

Sorry, no git at linuxtogo.


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