IMSI, manufacturer, model, serial and etc.

Paulius Zaleckas paulius.zaleckas at
Fri Feb 8 14:33:51 CET 2008

Hi everyone,

I want/need to implement all these manufacturer, model, version, serial 
and IMSI queries to libgsmd. I am thinking about two scenarios:
1. Implement everything in lgsm_get_info method?
2. Implement everything in lgsm_get_imsi style?

Here are my thoughts in detail about each one:

1. Add required methods to gsmd. Remove lgsm_get_imsi method. Remove 
ret_string and len arguments from lgsm_get_info method. Implement 
lgsm_get_info method in lgsm_get_imsi fashion. Adapt libgsmd-tool.

2. Add required methods to gsmd. Remove lgsm_get_info method from 
misc.h. Implement separate method for each query in lgsm_get_imsi 
fashion. Adapt libsmd-tool.

Which way is better/preferred?
Please don't hesitate to tell me your thoughts.
Quick reaction is good since I will spend all next week on this and 
hopefully you will have a patch for all these new features in the end.

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