GSM modem doesn't power off when Neo does

Mike (mwester) mwester at
Sat Feb 9 21:52:57 CET 2008

I think it's time for another attempt to address a long-standing problem 
with the Neo and the current software.  Specifically, the way it works 
right now, no matter how you shut down the GTA01, the GSM modem is left 
powered up and running (it's wired up internally in such a fashion that 
even when the kernel powers off the CPU and all else that it can on the 
circuit board, the GSM modem continues to run).

This is obviously not what the user expects when the device is powered 
off, but even more importantly, it's a violation that could result in 
serious legal ramifications for the poor user who thinks they are 
complying with airline regulations, or with construction-site blast-zone 
regulations by turning off the Neo.

The workaround is simple -- after you power off the Neo, you must open 
it up and remove the battery for some period of time.

A better solution is required.  We need a solution that will mimic 
standard phone behavior, at a minimum.  This means that when the phone 
is powered off from a normal, operational state, it should result in the 
device being truly off -- including the GSM modem.  Anyone disagree with 
this assertion?

IMO, it would be wise to ensure that a mechanism exists that will ensure 
or at least attempt to ensure that the GSM modem is powered off when the 
device is turned off from an "unusual" state, where "unusual" means a 
state where gsmd, or the X-windows GUI, or other daemons are not running 
or are unresponsive.  The reasoning here is that the device is currently 
a development platform; it *will* crash, it *will* be used in ways 
unforeseen by any of us, and the basic logic that when I shut down Linux 
on the phone, the GSM modem powers off, still holds true.  After all, 
the GSM modem is not like an external peripheral on my computer; it's 
built in.  And when I power-off my laptop, I expect that the built-in 
wifi card and modem also power-off, regardless of whether I was booted 
up and running the vendor's "card manager service" software (for 
example) or not...  Any have comments on this assertion?

Let's get a discussion going on this, if we can, and get a solution in 
place.  I've grown tired of disassembling my Neo and removing the 
battery whenever I board an airplane or power off the phone!

Mike (mwester)

NB:  I've cc'd the gsmd-devel list, but please respond on the 
distro-devel list so that everyone can participate.  Thanks.

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