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Paulius Zaleckas paulius.zaleckas at
Fri Feb 15 13:58:31 CET 2008

I noticed that you did:
+	if (strncmp(resp, "+CGSN: ", 7))
+		return -EINVAL;

My Option GTM378 returns only serial number (without "+CGSN: ").
According to 3GPP TS 07.07 V7.8.0 section 5.4 this is how it should be...

If other(broken) modems answer with +CGSN:, then we should do it like this:
	if (!strncmp(resp, "+CGSN: ", 7))
		resp += 7;

This also applies to all phone info commands.

See attached patch which fixes these problems.

Paulius Zaleckas

Erin Yueh wrote:
> Paulius Zaleckas wrote:
>> I have also removed lgsm_get_info declaration since we are not going 
>> to use it according to Sean Chiang.
>> Regards,
>> Paulius Zaleckas
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hi Paulius,
> Thanks for your patches! I modified some parts to fit gsmd design. 
> Actually, we don't need to keep
> the phone information in gsmd and needn't to retrieve them in initial 
> settings. Why we store IMSI
> value in gsmd, it's for bug#1185. Also, if you are interested in more 
> detailed 'gsmd', you may read 
> wiki page.
> Hi List,
> R4066 is committed for fix atcmd buffer length. R4067 is committed for 
> retrieving phone information. 
> Regards,
> Erin
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