[gta02-core] Status & next milestone for GTA02-core?

Álvaro Lopes alvieboy at alvie.com
Sun Aug 2 22:07:42 CEST 2009

Dave Ball wrote:
> Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
>> Am curious what the next milestone is for GTA02-core.
>> Have not been following the project for a while, so am
>> wondering when you expect to be ready to have PCBs
>> fabricated.
> Hi Ron,
> I'll try and help, though you shouldn't count me as an official 
> spokesman for the project :-)

Aren't we all ? :P

> Status:  Currently we have drawn the schematics (excluding GSM), and are 
> in the process of reviewing those to identify errors (bugs), and working 
> through ECN's.
> Once that's complete our next milestone will be work producing the 
> footprints, and then design the PCBs

We also need to first gather some technical requirements for PCB manufacture (we are not yet sure who it will be). USP (University of São Paulo, Brasil) got in
touch with us and might be our partner in PCB assembly, at least for prototypes and testing. (It's not official yet, Werner is "in charge" of speaking with them
and matching goals) :P

Also we are stuck ATM with some legal issues (TI Calypso) and trying to reach a fitting solution. Might take a while.

So stay tuned, and of course any help on those issues will be highly appreciated.



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