[gta02-core] GSM modem [was Re. Status & next milestone for GTA02-core?]

Dave Ball openmoko at underhand.org
Mon Aug 3 14:51:01 CEST 2009

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Dave Ball wrote:
>> potential alternative to the calypso (option gtm501) has been 
>> identified, though we don't yet know for sure that we can use it.
> By the way, there may be a third possibility for telephony: the
> Telit GE865-QUAD GSM module:
> http://www.telit.com/en/products/gsm-gprs.php?p_id=12&p_ac=show&p=11

I keep forgetting about the Telit :-)  I prefer the option because it's 
smaller (I don't like the idea of filing down plastics to get a larger 
module to fit), it's 3G and newer.

Having said that, the Telit does have a UART interface (where the option 
appears to be USB only) - so should be easier to fit into our existing 

Do we have samples of the telit available for prototypes, or if not 
would it be worth investigating getting hold of some at the same time as 
the Option option is explored?

Then at least we have a firm fallback. 

I get the impression that the calypso isn't going anywhere, so how about 
getting started with Telit based schematics while we're waiting to find 
out if the Option is a goer or not?


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