[gta02-core] GSM modem / telit ge865

Dave Ball openmoko at underhand.org
Mon Aug 3 23:19:26 CEST 2009

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Dave Ball wrote:
>> I get the impression that the calypso isn't going anywhere, so how
>> about getting started with Telit based schematics while we're
>> waiting to find out if the Option is a goer or not?
> I like the idea ! The worst case outcome is that it would not fit
> under the WLAN, in which case we'd have a WLAN XOR telephony
> placement option. As far as prototypes go, not too shocking a
> solution. (Besides, the AR6001 would be a certain death row
> candidate for anything that follows, so not much is lost there.)

My hopes are still that we will persuade Option to open their docs (that 
one fits, including with wifi).  But a phone doesn't get very far 
without a GSM chip, so why not do what we can with the Telit - and 
replace it with the Option if our persuasion works out :-)

To kick that off, I've added the Telit symbol to dsv and our component 
library - and the expanded-pinouts sheet (on the i/o page).

It looks like it should be very simple to integrate - almost a drop in 
replacement for Calypso - though it would be good to get the symbol 
reviewed before pressing ahead with the schematics.

Yay for open documentation!


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