[gta02-core] GSM modem [was Re. Status & next milestone for GTA02-core?]

Rúben Leote Mendes ruben at libhertz.com
Wed Aug 5 18:57:42 CEST 2009

Em Seg, Agosto 3, 2009 15:24, Werner Almesberger escreveu:
> Dave Ball wrote:
>> I get the impression that the calypso isn't going anywhere, so how
>> about getting started with Telit based schematics while we're
>> waiting to find out if the Option is a goer or not?
> I like the idea ! The worst case outcome is that it would not fit
> under the WLAN, in which case we'd have a WLAN XOR telephony
> placement option. As far as prototypes go, not too shocking a
> solution. (Besides, the AR6001 would be a certain death row
> candidate for anything that follows, so not much is lost there.)

Crazy idea #1: Remove GSM and even maybe GPS. Build an external bluetooth
enabled GSM+GPS radio and find an off-the-shelf plastic case (with belt
clip) big enough to fit the prefered (price, license, ...) modules.
Problem: can the processor wake up from bluetooth when a call comes in?

Crazy idea #2: Build the phone to fit another case. Not viable for mass
production but ok for a prototype. Some cheap cases:


Crazy idea #3: do both of the above. ;-)


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