[gta02-core] GSM modem / telit ge865

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Thu Aug 13 18:36:54 CEST 2009

openmoko at humilis.net wrote:
> Would it be feasible to fabricate a kind of gasket and glue that to one
> part of the casing?

Sounds scary :) I think it would be better to just replace the
whole element that needs changing. This shouldn't be too hard to
accomplish once someone has done the groundwork. The CAD files
Openmoko have released should be a good starting point for this.

> Btw, why would we "of course" need a new case "for a real product" ?
> I like the looks of the current gta02 quite a bit to be honest, and last
> time I touched it (eg, just now), it seemed pretty real.

There are a few obvious problems:

- LCM bezel is too deep

- large unused spaces ("embedded air"), which could be used for a
  larger battery

Also, if you can't change the case at all, then you're horribly
constrained on the stacking. E.g., if we used the GTA02 form factor
with a UC864-G, the modem would fill the entire space currently
shared by modem, WLAN, and speaker. WLAN could move to the GPS
location (UC864-G contains GPS), but you wouldn't have a place for
the speaker.

I think it's crucial to control the case design as well. This
doesn't have to mean a large departure from the outside appearance
and characteristics (although I would personally prefer a much
leaner shape), but the ability to put things on the inside where
it makes sense to put them.

- Werner

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