[gta02-core] Updated patches to kicad svn 1923

Nathael Pajani nathael.pajani at ed3l.fr
Thu Aug 13 21:16:12 CEST 2009

Hi all !

my first contribution to the project : Werners's patches from kicad-patches updated to 
kicad svn rev 1923 (today's version)

You can find the new patches in here :
http://www.nathael.org/Data/OpenMoko/Gta02-core/Kicad/Kicad-patches/  (or use the 
patch_for_wpwrak_svn_rev5434 to patch our svn) if you want to give it a try before werner 
commits to our svn.

I will also add some stuff in http://www.nathael.org/Data/OpenMoko/Gta02-core/Kicad/debian 
so those using debian can create .deb packages from kicad SVN after patching

It should come in the night :)

Have fun !

Nathaël PAJANI
ED3L - Etude et Développement - Linux et Logiciels Libres
Mail : nathael.pajani at ed3l.fr
Internet : http://www.ed3l.fr

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