[gta02-core] ATR0635 footprint

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Sun Aug 16 00:38:06 CEST 2009

I've added a directory for modules/footprints:

The inaugural footprint is the BGA96 of ATR0635. I've tentatively
called the file bga96-8x12-0mm8.fpd, with "bga96" being the vendor's
name for the package, 8x12 the number of rows/columns, and 0mm8 the

Open issues:

- 0mm8 looks strange, but dots as in ...-0.8mm.fpd also seem confusing.
  Any ideas ? Maybe just ...-08.fpd (or ...-p08.fpd) ?

- is it a good idea to circle the reference ball ? This 5 mil circle
  leaves a clearance of about 0.135 mm, so there's a bit of room for
  problems with silk screen registration, but not a lot.

- should the silk screen drawing of the outline be centered on the
  real outline or should its outer edge be flush with the real
  outline ?

- generally, how thick should our silk screen drawings be ? Is 5 mil
  good ?

To review the footprint, you need fped from

To examine it interactively (which also shows the measurements),

  fped bga96-8x12-0mm8.fpd

To use it in KiCad,

  fped -k bga96-8x12-0mm8.fpd
  - add module under Preferences/Library
  - place with "Add modules" (it's called BGA96-8x12-0.8mm)

(Ignore the scary "NOT YET IMPLEMENTED" warning of fped. That's just
arcs not being there yet.)

- Werner

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