[gta02-core] Good news: also WLAN in bits

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Thu Aug 20 16:57:51 CEST 2009

?lvaro Lopes wrote:
> The level shifter (adg3304) is done and commited, please review.

Thanks ! I've added it to the expanded view and reviewed it.
Flawless !

>  * U7801 (WLAN module) - I could not find a proper datasheet for it [1].

Me neither :-(

> We can derive information from openmoko schematics, but I'd really like
> to crosscheck this with a real datasheet.

I can compare it against the "internal" data sheet.

>  * U7802 (Bandpass filter) - Our filter is not listed on their site [2],
> and datasheet access requires some access code.

I think it's this one:

>  * CON7801 - Do we have this connector already [4] ?

Hmm no, the one we have (CON7601) has different connections.

>  * ANT7801 - There was some previous discussion about this one [3],
> I am not sure if the symbol is ready.

The antenna is the same as for BT, but the symbol we have there doesn't
look right. I've pried one from an old BT module:


>  * Drilling and Shielding pads. Any ideas on these ?

I'd say we go for "pretend shielding": leave enough room for a
hypothetical shield to be added, but don't actually try to make one.

Of course, if someone has time and tools for making a real shield,
contributions are always welcome :-)

- Werner

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