[gta02-core] Mechanical design of the freerunner

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Mon Aug 24 17:59:27 CEST 2009

Fabian Sch?lzel wrote:
> i just subscribed to this list, and i want to ask, if this would be the right 
> place to discuss the mechanical design of the freerunner/gta02.

Hmm, while this isn't exactly on-topic for gta02-core, I don't think
anyone would complain if you discussed it here, considering that
we're all interested in future devices and a new mechanical design
will definitely have to be part of them.

However, there are probably a number of people who would be
interested in the mechanical design who aren't subscribed to
gta02-core and who may not be so excited about the details of what
we're doing here.

For comparison, here's today's subscription count (non-digested
plus digested members, using mailman's terminology):

gta02-core:	  99+ 12
Gta03:		 158+ 23
community:	1803+368

> But 
> i thought we can hardly choose the right tools, if we dont define, what there 
> is to get done - and even more than that - how to get it done.

Yeah, setting realistic goals tends to play a surprisingly important
part in most projects ;-)

- Werner

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