[gta02-core] OT: N900

Dave Ball openmoko at underhand.org
Wed Aug 26 23:20:15 CEST 2009

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Christopher Friedt wrote:
>> The 3D is definitely binary, but binary is better than nothing.
> Binary is evil, particularly when it reaches into the kernel. For
> a kernel developer, the presence of binary kernel modules basically
> means that you can't usefully work on that system.

Ack. Binary is evil - I think in this case I'd rather leave the 
functionality unused than depend on a binary module.  However, there are 
a number of Linux based projects using omap devices, and it's not 
impossible that someone will go to the effort of making a compatible GPL 
3D driver at some point in the future.

I think i saw that the documentation is open for the DSP stuff in the 
omap, which might help accelerate some tasks - such as video/audio decoding.

>> I guess since it's not one of the 'next-gen' SoC's with integrated
>> baseband, that there would be the baseband processor, RF modem,  and
>> whatever other components they need.
> Hmm, they were referring to the OMAP per se, comparing it to some
> chips from the Samsung 24xx family. But agreed, without further
> details, this is all hearsay.

I've been trying to understand what this could be, and if you accept 
using TI's TPS65950 I can't see a significant difference to the Samsung 
parts.  The TPS65950 does a lot (pmu, otg, audio codecs) so if you 
needed to use independent parts instead that might get messy.  
Definitely warrants further investigation in the future though - 
personally I really like the idea of an omap gta-next...


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