[gta02-core] New on-board WLAN - 1st attempt

Álvaro Lopes alvieboy at alvie.com
Sat Aug 29 19:48:45 CEST 2009

Dave Ball wrote:
> For the WM3236AQ part:
> - the sdio/spi pins are only named with their sdio use - it would
> probably be worth adding their spi uses too.

Good idea.

> - On most components, we haven't drawn NC pins, is there any reason to
> include them here?

Well, I just followed the OM schematics, that is the only reason actually. What's the impact of omitting them on the symbol?

> and the schematic:
> - R7907 should be named R7904 and vice-versa.

I'm to rename all components in this sheet to 8xxx. I'll ensure mapping (in an ECN) will be correct then.

> - R7904-9 are missing their connection to WLAN3v3


> - There are missing connections between the SPIMISO and INT labels, and
> their testpoints

Well caught, thanks.

> - the PWR_FLG on the WLAN3v3 net should be moved to avoid a cross joint.


> - TP7901-10 are new since gta02, so could be renumbered as makes sense
> on the current schematics.

They all will be renamed, as previously stated.

> Is the hope to use the same shielding can used on the gta02 WLAN
> daughter-board?  It might be worth including the shielding points for
> connecting to the can, so we don't forget them at PCB time!

That was something I asked a while ago. We are not using these shielding points in any other sheet, are we ?

>> I renamed the old wlan sheet to "wlan-conn.sch" so we can go back if
>> needed, just changing the project file.
> No need for this - we have SVN :-)

Sure we do, but this allows you to switch from one to another quickly. So if you just want state-of-the-art design plus the old daugherboard, just change the
project file.


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