[gta02-core] New on-board WLAN - 1st attempt

Dave Ball openmoko at underhand.org
Sat Aug 29 20:34:21 CEST 2009

Álvaro Lopes wrote:
> Dave Ball wrote:
>> - On most components, we haven't drawn NC pins, is there any reason to
>> include them here?
> Well, I just followed the OM schematics, that is the only reason actually. What's the impact of omitting them on the symbol?

nope - kicad is quite happy with modules having extra pins that aren't 
on the component, so we just left em off :-)

>> and the schematic:
>> - R7907 should be named R7904 and vice-versa.
> I'm to rename all components in this sheet to 8xxx. I'll ensure mapping (in an ECN) will be correct then.

I thought we were only renaming components that were on the 
daughterboard?  Is there a need to rename the components that were on 
the main board on gta02?  My preference would be to leave them with the 
same references as used on gta02 - those components won't clash anyway.



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