[gta02-core] New on-board WLAN - 1st attempt

Álvaro Lopes alvieboy at alvie.com
Sun Aug 30 13:29:19 CEST 2009

Dave Ball wrote:
> Either way has it's advantages - and both work in the long run! :-)

Ok, I'll keep the old 79xx, and rename 78xx to 80xx.

And I found one inconsistency - R7901 is an inductor. Renamed to L7901.

Here's the reference mapping:

OldRef NewRef
U7801'  U8001
U7802'  U8002
U7803   U8003
X7801   X8001
C7901 	a)
C7905   a)
C7801'  C8001
C7802'  C8002
C7803'  C8003
C7804'  C8004
C7805   C8005
C7806   C8006
C7807   C8007
C7808   C8008
C7809   C8009
C7810   C8010
C7811   C8011
L7901   a)
R7902   a)
R7903   a)
R7904   a)
R7905   a)
R7906   a)
R7907   a)
R7908   a)
R7909   a)
R7911   a)
R7801   R8001
R2      R8002
R7803   R8003
R4      R8004
R7805   R8005
R7806   R8006
R3      R8007
R7808'  R8008
R7809'  R8009
b)      TP8001
b)      TP8002
b)      TP8003
b)      TP8004
b)      TP8005
b)      TP8006
b)      TP8007
b)      TP8008
b)      TP8009
b)      TP8010

a) Same reference used
b) New component


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