[gta02-core] component situation update

Patryk Benderz Patryk.Benderz at esp.pl
Wed Dec 23 16:35:42 CET 2009

> The negotiations took longer to resolve than I had expected, but it
> seems that this obstacle has finally been removed. So far the good
> nmuch ews.
This news is a great Christmas gift ;)

> The bad news is that the factory has been trying to sell off their
> stock. As a consequence, some items may no longer be around, and we 
> may have to replace them. Hopefully, the things that were easy to sell 
> will also be easy to replace.
...that is worse :(
> Sean is asking the factory for an inventory of the GTA02 parts they
> still have and he'll then send it to me. I'll remove NDA material, 
> i.e., anything Calypso, then post it and we can find out how much of
> a problem we have on our hands.
There is only one thing that wonders me. If FIC is the owner of these
parts, how Openmoko can donate it to gta02-core? Probably FIC will send
an invoice to someone, but tu who? To community?

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