[gta02-core] symbol and schematic of the debug board

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Wed Jul 1 19:53:24 CEST 2009

Jianming.Liu wrote:
> It would also be interesting to make debug boards for the current
> FreeRunner:)<br>

Yeah, why not. The components are pretty standard and the board
design reasonably simple. Last thing I heard, Openmoko Inc. still
had a lot of boards in stock, though.

Also, when making new debug boards, you may want to optimize it a
bit. E.g., something along the lines of IDBG. Even if you don't
want to make it internal, you could still use the same circuit,
add a regular 1:1 FPC connector, and have a nice and tidy package.
You'd still have the same failure-prone FPC concept, though, but
with a less fragile FPC.

I checked your files (minus backups, etc.), into SVN:

This is a tentative location. Once we review components, we
should move them into components/

Quite an impressive piece of work ! A few style remarks:

- we generally don't include the footprint in the component value.
  If you double-clock a component in eeschema, you'll get a little
  spreadsheet with all the fields. There's a footprint field there,
  if you want to specify the footprint.

- test points have their own symbol. KiCad's ERC complains about
  your open-ended traces :)

- we normally don't touch components directly to each other but
  instead use a bit of "wire" to extend the "pin". The typical
  length is >= 200 mil or 4 grid spaces, but if you need higher
  density, less is also okay.

- KiCad has a nice ERC that finds lots of problems. (Many of them
  just in how things are presented to KiCad.) It's the button with
  the check mark on the right side of the top menu.

- Werner

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