[gta02-core] Annotations & R7901

Dave Ball openmoko at underhand.org
Thu Jul 2 13:52:07 CEST 2009

Excluding GSM, I think we've drawn all the major components now - 
although there's still much finishing and reviewing to be done, and 
ECN's to agree and implement.

I've just gone through the current sheets, and identified duplicate 
components, or those missing a value / reference.  I've managed to 'fix' 
most of these using the references / values from the gta02 schematics.  
Where there is a departure from the gta02 schematics we hopefully have 
an ecn and it would be good to annotate the schematics with the ecn 
details too - so I'm hoping I haven't done anything unexpected...

The only problem I wasn't able to fix was the inductor 'R7901' on the BT 
circuit.  There is a resistor on the same sheet, also called 'R7901'.  
This is obviously confusing and KiCad erc doesn't like both having the 
same reference.  Any objection to us renaming this to L7901?


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