[gta02-core] Annotations & R7901

Álvaro Lopes alvieboy at alvie.com
Fri Jul 3 11:16:09 CEST 2009

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> All of them are parallel outputs :-( I'm not sure what to do about
> them. One way would be to disable the error, but that gets reset when
> you restart eeschema. Another way would be to make them something else
> but Power Out, but that sort of defeats the purpose.

I wonder if we name the pins the same way this error will go away... Clues ?

Now some more stuff:

We seem to have a problem with "power ports" being "power_in". This causes PMU to issue a lot of warnings when it outputs to them. Or this might be related to
the 0R resistors.

And we have to solve the GND/RF_GND conflict too.

Regarding the PMU GND, you think we can put it as "power_out" ?


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