[gta02-core] LCM review

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Tue Jul 21 18:08:06 CEST 2009

Dave Ball wrote:
>  - C6008 is missing.  This was added in GTA02, and is NC so it's 
> omission might be deliberate and I've not added it.  Should we include 
> this or not?

It changed from 47 pF to NC after it was found that it degraded the
PCLK signal considerably, which was linked to flicker in landscape


> The FA2012 datasheet doesn't indicate that the filter works the same 
> when driven in reverse, but unless I'm mistaken the GTA01 and GTA02 
> schematics both appear to do this (U6002), although ours do not.

I guess the change can only make them work better :-)

> Because of how our components are laid out, the signals don't always go 
> through the same filter component used in the gta01/gta02 schematics, 
> but I think this is a sensible divergence from those schematics.

I think we'll see how this goes when doing the layout. If necessary,
we can always reshuffle signals that end up in inconvenient spots.

- Werner

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