[gta02-core] PRESS: OpenMoko Layoffs Lead to New Open Hardware Venture

Dave Ball openmoko at underhand.org
Tue Jul 21 22:26:48 CEST 2009

Álvaro Lopes wrote:
> Are we so "obsolete" that it's cheaper to hack other devices, are we 
> not progressing well, are we [insert some rants and raves here if you 
> see feasible] ?  


> I am missing something here. I wonder if someone can explain me this 
> from another point of view besides my own.

I think it's as much the nature of a press-release as anything else - 
they always stress (and often exaggerate) the 'upside' of the current 
venture.  In UK politics it's nearly universally derided as 'spin'.

This project and gta-next (or whatever that ends up being) are 
definitely ambitious, but making steady (if not particularly speedy) 

If I've understood correctly, qi-hardware are designing (and 
manufacturing) their own devices, but using as a starting point existing 
selling hardware - then re-engineered / improved iteratively.  Similar 
to our approach gta02 -> gta02-core, but starting from a different device.
I think we have similar goals, but different paths to getting there.

Maybe soon we'll have hardware from our designs, a manufacturing 
partnership, and a press release of our own  :-)  Who knows, qi-hardware 
might even want to manufacture and sell it once we've got designs that 
work!  :-)


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