[gta02-core] PRESS: OpenMoko Layoffs Lead to New Open Hardware Venture

Dave Ball openmoko at underhand.org
Wed Jul 22 02:05:12 CEST 2009

Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> Yes we share the same goals.
> Qi is choosing tools (KiCAD) to be compatible with gta02-core.
> See www.github.com/adamwang
That's fantastic.  I grabbed a snapshot and was having a dig through 
these yesterday.

We're still experimenting a little, but have adopted some 
style-guidelines for our use of KiCad which makes the schematics easier 
to read across multiple people.  At some point it might be worth seeing 
if there is a common set of styles that will make it easier for people 
familiar with either project to contribute to both?

> As categories, we can imagine small clamshell computers (NanoNote), picture
> frames, phones. No firm decision yet, we want to get the process right first.
Of course - one thing at a time!

> You can rest assured that I am doing a lot on the 'meeting' side to promote
> gta02-core. Everywhere I go I talk about gta02-core.
That's great - thanks Wolfgang  :-)

> Maybe I can get a large Chinese device manufacturer to invest in gta02-core,
> meeting with senior people lined up in a few weeks. Hold your expectations
> low, best is at ZERO, these talks mostly go nowhere. I just wanted to give
> you this as an example that we are trying to help too.
I don't know where it's going to come from, but I am getting more 
convinced that there will be many people out there that at some point 
will find supporting our little venture to be a good investment.  OM is 
already kindly donating components, these discussions with USP sound 
interesting and you and several others are out evangelising for us.

Thanks for your kind words, and for spreading news of what we're doing!

I hope QI-hardware goes well - and I'm sure it will.  The more people 
generating and talking about open hardware the better for all of us.


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