[gta02-core] RFC: Open Source Hardware - Disclosure Requisites

Dave Ball openmoko at underhand.org
Thu Jul 23 16:33:07 CEST 2009

Hi Werner,

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> I've prepared a whitepaper about the specific documentation
> requirements we have. I'd like to use it as a reference when
> contacting prospective component vendors, to concisely explain
> in a friendly way what we need and why.
> A first draft version is here:
> http://people.openmoko.org/werner/oshwdr.pdf

I think this is great, and very needed!  I'm torn between "open source 
hardware" and "open hardware".  'source' could apply to our schematics / 
gerbers etc. although it doesn't seem as good fit as when applied to 

Maybe "open design hardware" would be better?  But then I really like 
the parallel that OSH builds with OSS, benefiting us from that already 
understood software approach.

Overall, I think I prefer OSH. (not to be confused with occupational 
health and safety...)


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