[gta02-core] LCM review

Rene Harder rehar at saweb.de
Fri Jul 24 07:13:24 CEST 2009

Dave Ball wrote:
> The FA2012 datasheet doesn't indicate that the filter works the same 
> when driven in reverse, but unless I'm mistaken the GTA01 and GTA02 
> schematics both appear to do this (U6002), although ours do not.
Do you mean the SPI data pin, we do the same in our schematic. This pin
is connected to the filter U6007.
I've doubts that the filter characteristic is the same in both
directions so that might become a problem. On the other hand I think
it's working fine in GTA01 and GTA02, isn't it.

I also found that the capacitor C6005 in our drawing has the values
100nF but is NC in the GTA02 and not existing in GTA01. Is there any
particular reason for this which I'm not aware of? Neither could I find
any ECN regarding this change.


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