[gta02-core] Petafarad and a better overview

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Fri Jul 24 07:20:33 CEST 2009

A few small changes:

- we had a few of those bulky Petafarad capacitors left (a few cubic
  kilometers each). I replaced them with the more common picofarad
  type. (PMU and GPS.)

- if you generate the BOM, "make bom-by-ref" will show it sorted by
  reference and with TP and NC parts removed.

- new script scripts/sch2compnums to list all the component references
  in a .sch file sorted by their numeric value.

- added an overview of component references to the top-level sheet.
  E.g., 60xx means that a lot of U6001, R6002, etc. are on that sheet.
  There are a few components that aren't on their "home" sheet, which
  I've listed explicitly.

We currently have 334 components, 105 of them are unique by value. The
most popular ones are 100 nF caps (39), 0 Ohm resistors (33), 10 kOhm
resistors (24), and 100 kOhm resistors (22). There are 63 test points
and 34 NC components.

- Werner

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