[gta02-core] opening up TI (was: Calypso's last dance)

Doug Jones dj6mf at frombob.to
Wed Jul 29 12:21:26 CEST 2009


> At the same time, if anyone has sufficiently high-ranking contacts
> in TI who might help with getting permission for Openmoko Inc. to
> release the Calypso schematics and maybe the layout as well, please
> speak up.

I have no contacts at TI, but I do know there are other open source 
projects that are trying to pry TI open.

Neuros Technology, makers of open source video gear like the OSD and the 
Link, has been trying literally for years to cajole TI into opening up. 
  It appears they are now making some progress, and TI is now openly 
courting this community.

Here is just the latest of many threads regarding this effort:


Yes, that's a TI engineer in there, answering questions in open forum, 
and saying things that make me hopeful.

There are a lot of projects that would greatly benefit from having good 
access to TI's documentation, tools and engineers.  But TI is only just 
learning how to interact with the open source world.  This is a major 
cultural shift for them, and they are still trying to understand who 
they are dealing with and what we need.

Rather than having every embedded open source project besiege TI with 
their own requests, would it not be better to join forces?

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