[gta02-core] Unconnected pin report

Álvaro Lopes alvieboy at alvie.com
Fri Jul 31 21:14:04 CEST 2009


this is a unconnected pin report extracted from the netlist. Hope it's useful. It ignores the "NOCONN" flag we put on schematic for now.

Might have bugs :)

Comments and feedback welcomed.


Unconnected pin report

COMPONENT TYPE                PIN   NAME
--------- ------------------- ----- ------------------------
C3007     C                   2     ~
CON4702   DEBUG               21    21
CON4702   DEBUG               7     7
CON4702   DEBUG               26    26
CON4702   DEBUG               30    30
CON4702   DEBUG               27    27
CON4702   DEBUG               25    25
CON4702   DEBUG               28    28
CON4702   DEBUG               20    20
CON4702   DEBUG               24    24
CON4702   DEBUG               10    10
CON4702   DEBUG               31    31
CON4702   DEBUG               11    11
CON4702   DEBUG               22    22
CON4702   DEBUG               23    23
CON4702   DEBUG               6     6
CON4702   DEBUG               3     3
CON4702   DEBUG               9     9
CON4702   DEBUG               12    12
CON4702   DEBUG               8     8
CON4702   DEBUG               4     4
CON4702   DEBUG               5     5
U1501     SC32442             F15   ADDR22/GPA7
U1501     SC32442             G6    CAMDATA5/GPJ5
U1501     SC32442             L6    CAMDATA6/GPJ6
U1501     SC32442             B17   ADDR26/GPA11
U1501     SC32442             H2    CLE/GPA17
U1501     SC32442             K1    nFRE/GPA20
U1501     SC32442             B15   ADDR18/GPA3
U1501     SC32442             B5    nGCS2/GPA13
U1501     SC32442             AA9   VD1/GPC9
U1501     SC32442             V26   XTIRTC
U1501     SC32442             R5    LEND/GPC0
U1501     SC32442             J1    nFWE/GPA19
U1501     SC32442             K2    CAMDATA1/GPJ1
U1501     SC32442             AC25  AIN3
U1501     SC32442             AB5   VD9/SPICLK1/GPD1
U1501     SC32442             B16   ADDR21/GPA6
U1501     SC32442             M6    nXBACK/GPB5
U1501     SC32442             E10   SCLK1
U1501     SC32442             F12   ADDR20/GPA5
U1501     SC32442             E15   ADDR16/GPA1
U1501     SC32442             AB14  EINT12/LCD_PWREN/GPG4
U1501     SC32442             AA2   VD8/nSPICS1/GPD0
U1501     SC32442             E7    nGCS1/GPA12
U1501     SC32442             AE21  VREF
U1501     SC32442             AA6   VD0/GPC8
U1501     SC32442             B10   nOE
U1501     SC32442             B14   ADDR23/GPA8
U1501     SC32442             N6    nXDACK1/GPB7
U1501     SC32442             F6    nGCS0
U1501     SC32442             W22   XTORTC
U1501     SC32442             H1    ALE/GPA18
U1501     SC32442             J6    CAMDATA3/GPJ3
U1501     SC32442             K6    CAMDATA2/GPJ2
U1501     SC32442             F13   ADDR19/GPA4
U1501     SC32442             D2    nGCS4/GPA15
U1501     SC32442             B13   ADDR15
U1501     SC32442             AB7   VD16/SPIMISO1/GPD8
U1501     SC32442             A4    nGCS5/GPA16
U1501     SC32442             P2    TCLK0/GPB4
U1501     SC32442             AE18  nRSTOUT/GPA21
U1501     SC32442             C2    nWAIT
U1501     SC32442             AE20  AIN0
U1501     SC32442             E6    nGCS3/GPA14
U1501     SC32442             B11   ADDR1
U1501     SC32442             AE22  AIN1
U1501     SC32442             E11   ADDR0/GPA0
U1501     SC32442             T6    nXDREQ0/GPB10
U1501     SC32442             F14   ADDR17/GPA2
U1501     SC32442             AD25  AIN2
C3006     C                   2     ~
CON7901   GTA02_WLAN_S        15    BT_PRIORITY
U7608     ATR0635             B6    P26/GPSMODE10/nSS/nPCS0
U7608     ATR0635             E8    DBG_EN
U7608     ATR0635             C8    P0/nANTSHORT
U7608     ATR0635             E7    P28
U7608     ATR0635             F8    P23/GPSMODE7/SCK
U7608     ATR0635             E6    P21/TXD2
U7608     ATR0635             G6    P14/nAADET1
U7608     ATR0635             B7    SIGLO0
U7608     ATR0635             F6    P19/GPSMODE6
U7608     ATR0635             D7    P8/STATUSLED
U7608     ATR0635             D10   P22/RXD2
U7608     ATR0635             H6    P17/GPSMODE5/SCK1
U7608     ATR0635             A2    X
U7608     ATR0635             D5    P29/GPSMODE12/nPCS3
U7608     ATR0635             H11   nTRST
U7608     ATR0635             A8    CLK23
U7608     ATR0635             D9    USB_D-
U7608     ATR0635             F9    TDO
U7608     ATR0635             C9    UDB_D+
U7608     ATR0635             G8    P16/nEEPROM
U7608     ATR0635             D3    TEST
U7608     ATR0635             G9    TCK
U7608     ATR0635             H7    P24/GPSMODE8/MOSI
U7608     ATR0635             B2    nX
U7608     ATR0635             B8    SIGHI0
U7608     ATR0635             G5    P25/nAADET0/MISO
U7608     ATR0635             H10   TDI
U7608     ATR0635             G12   P30/AGCOUT0
U7608     ATR0635             C3    MO
U7608     ATR0635             F11   P15/ANTON
U7608     ATR0635             G10   TMS
CON7501   SMSN16              17    SIM_MCMD
CON7501   SMSN16              16    SIM_DAT0
CON7501   SMSN16              12    SIM_RST
CON7501   SMSN16              14    SIM_SCLK
CON7501   SMSN16              15    SIM_IO
U1701     PCF50633/04/N3      10    ADCIN2
U1701     PCF50633/04/N3      67    ADAPTCTRL
U1701     PCF50633/04/N3      14    GPIO3
CON6001   TD028TTEC1          14    NC
C3011     C                   1     ~
C3018     C                   1     ~
U3001     WM8753LGEFL         18    OUT4
U3001     WM8753LGEFL         14    GP1/CLK1
U3001     WM8753LGEFL         35    LINE1
U3001     WM8753LGEFL         13    GP2/CLK2
U3001     WM8753LGEFL         36    LINE2
U3001     WM8753LGEFL         12    PCMCLK
U3001     WM8753LGEFL         43    GPIO4
JK4401    JACK_4P             6     ~
U2        DFBM-CS320          33    AIO_0
U2        DFBM-CS320          32    UART_RX
U2        DFBM-CS320          21    PIO_4
U2        DFBM-CS320          7     AUX_DAC
U2        DFBM-CS320          17    SBI_CSB
U2        DFBM-CS320          30    UART_TX
U2        DFBM-CS320          16    SPI_CLK
U2        DFBM-CS320          14    SPI_MOSI
U2        DFBM-CS320          31    UART_CTS
U2        DFBM-CS320          35    XTAL_IN
U2        DFBM-CS320          13    PIO_3
U2        DFBM-CS320          29    UART_RTS
U2        DFBM-CS320          3     VDD_1.8V
U2        DFBM-CS320          15    SPI_MISO
U2        DFBM-CS320          8     GND
U2        DFBM-CS320          4     PIO_1
U2        DFBM-CS320          34    XTAL_OUT
U2        DFBM-CS320          5     PIO_0
R1762     R_US                2     B

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