[gta02-core] future drop-in modems?

Flemming Richter gta2-core at quatrox.org
Sun Oct 18 18:03:20 CEST 2009

On 2009-10-15, Eric Olson <eric at ericanddebbie.com> wrote:
> Hi Everybody,
> I follow gta02-core loosely, mostly just happy to read the updates :).
> Anwyay, here's a modem idea that is hopefully feasible -- apologies if
> you've discussed it already.
> According to the openmoko-community list, there are 3G dongles such as
> the huawei E169 3G USB dongle that work as a phone with the freerunner
> and the asterisk software.  If such a thing works well as a phone, it
> wouldn't be unreasonable to fabricate a phone without the modem, and
> include a usb port/slot for the modem to be placed in afterwards.
> This would allow more modularity, but would impose different size/layout
> issues, and maybe a higher end-product cost.  Hopefully the cost would
> drop eventually.

I think this would be nice if the USB modem could be
pushed into the case.

It would also let you detact the modem either to use it
in your laptop or to use the space where it was for a
USB flash drive.

Unfortunately, there is some downsides with this approach:
a) new case design would be required
b) those USB modems tend to be power hungry
c) it would make the rf design very hard (shielding)

> Anyway, glad to read the normal gta02-core updates.  Keep up the good work!
> Eric

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