[gta02-core] gta02-core prototypes: distribution and finances

Nathael Pajani nathael.pajani at ed3l.fr
Fri Sep 11 22:12:49 CEST 2009

Kosa a écrit :
> Werner Almesberger escribió:
>> Álvaro Lopes wrote:
>>> Unless we find some more sponsors. Can we ?
>> If you have suitable contacts, please try. I know of some sponsors
>> for this sort of projects, but they tend to move very little money.
>> At the end of the day, I have to ask myself if, say, a few hundred
>> USD would really make all that much of a difference, and if it would
>> be worth spending several days on negotiations, writing "thank you"
>> letters, and such, instead of working on technical issues.
> Is it writing to ask for donations to the  commuunity list an option? I
> think there are lots of folks who might want to fund this effort. Some
> of us know nothing about HW development, so getting a prototype is not a
> good idea, but we could give some money to help you getting yours.
> I could wirte the thank you letter :)
> Kosa
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Hey, this is a good idea !

I would not be able to afford a testing board at 500 euro (much less 1000 !), but I can 
spend some time creating a site for donations (never did this, but it should not be so 
hard, and I have a server available)

I would be OK to donate, just to see the project go on, becouse I think it is very 
important to have this "base design" available, and I'm interrested in using such a base 
design one day, to bring some of my ideas to life.

I have difficulties at performing reviews these times, I have to much work, and each time 
I try to start again, I have some other stuff to fix to have everything running (fped mainly))

I hope I'll be able to in a near future, but I see no free time in the next 5 days

Though I had a review with a customer and there was someone who is doing 3D design, I sent 
him the Openmoko 3D files and he will send me quotations for having some made, so we can 
have an idea at how much would cost a case (made in France, so this may be a maximum, and 
would certainly be cheaper in many other places).
He told me there are to possible technologies to have just a few made in a not too 
expensive way: Stereolithography and ... I do not remember the other one (Sintering ?).
But he does not know what would be the long-term quality of such cases.


Have fun.

Nathaël PAJANI
ED3L - Etude et Développement - Linux et Logiciels Libres
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