[gta02-core] Data sheet system update and more Telit documents

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Sat Sep 12 18:04:54 CEST 2009

I finally wrote the long-awaited extensions for multiple data sheets per
component and multiple aliases per data sheet. Now things like dsv-lcm,
dsv-lcm-conn, and dsv-td028ttec1 do what you'd expect from them.

Since a few data sheets have changed name because of this (i.e., the old
name was wrong), please run

DSV_HOME=/home/moko/dsv make dsv-rebuild

to delete all the wrappers and regenerate them again. (I think I'll get
rid of dsv-rebuild at a later time and make it detect outdated wrappers
automatically, but let's keep it simple for now.)

As a further inprovement, "make update" now also runs "make dsv" if the
directory of the data sheet system exists.

I've added a number of useful Telit documents:

- SIM Holder Design:

- AT Commands Reference:

- Modules Software:

- Audio Settings:

- GE864-QUAD/PY Hardware:

The GE864 is the GE865's predecessor and better documented.

- Werner

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