[gta02-core] Good news from Sao Paulo

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Fri Sep 18 13:18:08 CEST 2009

Rene Harder wrote:
> [1] http://www.4pcb.com/
> [2]
> http://www.4pcb.com/media/Capabilities%20August%2009%20-%20PDF%20version.pdf

Thanks ! When I run the following specs (ballpark figures):

  Board 3 in x 4 in
  Array 15 in x 6 in, 4 boards (wild guess)
  FR4, 40 mil thick, ENIG, 1 oz copper, 5 mil traces,
  solder mask and silkscreen both sides, default colors,
  smallest hole 8 mil, SMT pitch 15 mil, 100 pads on top,
  1000 bottom, no extra features.

Then I get a per-board price, for 20 units:

	1 week	2 weeks	3 weeks	4 weeks
	93.82	71.82	66.32	60.81	(all USD)

plus	Tooling	USD 530
	Testing USD 620

So for the 2 weeks option, that would be a per-board price of about
USD 130 plus shipping, import, etc. They don't have online quotes
for stencils, but if I take the price from wedirekt, then a stencil
for the whole array should cost about EUR 160, again plus
international shipping. (If we use a two up, two down configuration
for the array, we may need only one stencil.)

That's pretty good. My estimate was in the EUR 200 range, while this
is only a bit less than EUR 150, all costs considered.

No microvias, though. Sniff.

Note that the fastest option (at USD129.58 per board) would be just
2 days. That's quite an improvement over the 2 weeks it always took
us to get those GTA01/GTA02/HXD8 boards. This is good to know for
future "real" development, because it means that we won't have to
idle endlessly waiting for PCBs as long as our specs are of this

> I think to get realistic and comparable quotes It would be good to
> summarize "all" specs including board array size, panel frame width etc.
> (requirements of SMT fab).

Yes, I still need to get these. 

Thanks a lot !

- Werner

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