[gta02-core] Good news from Sao Paulo

Rene Harder rehar at saweb.de
Mon Sep 28 19:28:20 CEST 2009

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> It would be good to have an indication of what effect this has on
> the price and on the PCB production time.

I requested a quote from Advanced Circuits for the following specs
http://rene.saweb.de/gta02-core/PCB-specification.pdf. (One including
microvias, the other one with buried and blind vias only)

It was quite a surprise for me that both configurations end up at the
same price.

Release Quantity	Unit Price		Delivery

	20		$244.286		2-Week
	20		$221.429		4-Week

Tooling Cost:    $278.57
Quantity:        20   E.Test Cost:    $278.57

So the final price per board would be around 273 USD (2 weeks turn-time).


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