[gta02-core] component research meets Easter

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Thu Apr 1 15:40:47 CEST 2010

Easter and no eggs to search for ? Chicken embryos too old-fashioned ?
Look no further, here are some interesting challenges:

- CON1701: the battery connector. Needs a functional substitute:
  BTP-03JA4G          CON OCTEK BTP-03JA4G SMD BATT 3PIN P=3.1 H=7.4MM

- U4904: AATI don't seem to see much distribution in the West. Can we
  find a substitute ?
  AAT1275IRN-5.0-T1   LNR-IC USB POWER SWITCH AAT1275IRN-5.0-T1 2.7-5.0V 50

- U7604: Ricoh isn't a particularly exotic company, but their voltage
  detector seems to be:
  R3113D241A-TR-F     LNR-IC V-DETECTOR R3113D241A-TR-F 2.4V SON1408-3 3PIN

- U4905: also Richtek are hard to find around here:
  RT9711BPB           LNR-IC POWER SWITCH RT9711BPB 1.5A SOT-23-5 5PIN RICH

- U7609, U7610: the SI1040 switch isn't particularly hard to find but
  it stubbornly refuses to appear in anyone's stock. This is a common
  type of part, so there should be exact substitutes at a number of
  SI1040X-T1-E3       TRANS M-FET-P LEVEL SHIFT SI1040X-T1-E3 -8V -430mA SC

- U1704: while we're at it, the ON Semiconductor NTGD1100L is just of
  this type, although with different parameters, and it's also a
  stock-averse part. Digi-Key and Farnell both list it.

Happy hunting !

- Werner

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