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Rafael Ignacio Zurita rafaelignacio.zurita at gmail.com
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  I forward this short chat with Jon about the thread
"wanted: cashier for gta02-core".. I also CC him because 
he is interested to be included in the conversation.

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>If I remember correctly I read that perhaps Linux International
>could be a good foundation for that.

For very complicated reasons, I no longer thing that LI would be a good
organization for this in the near term.

There are some other organizations:

o Software in the Public Interest (SPI) - financial arm of Debian

There are several real issues, including a "non-profit" organization
taking in tax-free donations, then paying them out to a (potentially)
profit-making entity.  It would be a lot of work for the organization.

One other issue is that I am not sure that "Openmoko" has one voice that
says what Openmoko believes and stands for.  There seems to be no real
agreement what an "open phone" is, how the entity would be run, and how
the money would be spent:

o Open specs, or gratis specs?
o Open circuit design or gratis circuit design
o do some people get paid?

These are things that most non-profits would like to have defined before
they start handling your money, IMHO.


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