[gta02-core] component research: incompatible replacements

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Sun Apr 4 09:42:07 CEST 2010

There are a few components for which I could only found replacements
that perform roughly the same function. In many cases, just the
package or the pin assignment is different. In some cases, there are
more differences.

Here is an overview:

Part                    File            Status                  Incompatibility
                                        (of original part;      Foot  Circuit
                                         of substitute only     | Mech| Functn
                                         if indicated)          | | Pins|
----------------------  --------------  ----------------------  +-+-+-+-+------
AAT1275IRN-5.0-T1       u4904           not found yet           X - X X 1
BF2520-B2R4CAB/LF       u8002           not found yet           X - - - -
BTP-03JA4G              con1701         no distributor          X ? ? - -
FA2012-KR40PAA          u6007           not found yet           X - - - -
HT-210UD/NB             led1501         long lead time          X - X ? colors
IT3205BE                x7601           not found, sub. expens  X - - - -
R3113D241A-TR-F         u7604           not found yet           X - X - -
RT9013-12PB             u1702           not found yet           - - 2 - -
RT9711BPB               u4905           not found yet           - - X - 3
					(other replacement)     X - X 4 -
SN74AUP1G00DCKR         u4902           borderline availabil.   X - - - -
WTE06016                ant8001         not found               X X ? - -

1) No fault indication
2) Pin NC in original has function
3) Lower maximum current
4) Additional bypass capacitors recommended

Regarding the R3113D241A, which resets the ATR635 of the GPS subsystem,
the question is whether we need a reset input at all, and if we do,
whether we couldn't just reset it from the CPU.
(See also bom/research/u7604)

I would also appreciate comments on the other more or less similar
substitutes I've come up with, namely for u4904, u1702, and u4905.
(Details in bom/research/)

If someone can find better replacements, that would be even nicer :)

- Werner

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