[gta02-core] component hunt: some results

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Mon Apr 12 16:58:31 CEST 2010

I wrote:
> I'd be particularly interested in feedback on the possible replacements
> for USB boost converter (U4904), and in help with the search for better
> substitutes for the battery connector (CON1701) and the audio jack
> (JK4401).

Did anyone find something ?

Meanwhile, the SN74AUP1G00DCKR (U4902) on the way to Digi-Key have
arrived and they have plenty of stock of this non-stock item now.
I've thus lowered its priority in bom/research/STATUS. Good things
come to those who wait :-)

Alas, the nice Murata 10 uF 10 V X5R 0805 capacitor is no longer
available. I've added an equivalent part from Kemet. Our score is

SVN Rev -- No source -- -- Digi-Key --  -- Farnell ---  --- Mouser ---
        Short   Missing Parts   Price   Parts   Price   Parts   Price
r5913    8      11      85      1436	2      UKP 52   1       134

Now, let's move forward with the replacements. Is everybody fine
with the following two substitutions ?

Samsung K4M51323PC-DG75		->	Micron MT48H16M32LFCM-75:B
Proconn SMSN16-J0-2214		->	Amphenol 101-00492-20

The former needs a slightly different footprint (the package outline
changes, the balls don't), while the latter needs an update of the
schematics, the footprint, and probably also the circuit symbol.

- Werner

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