[gta02-core] how many gta02-core devices ?

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Wed Apr 21 19:07:48 CEST 2010

It's been a while since the last time I asked how many people would be
interested in a gta02-core device. For planning ahead on components,
I'd like to take another poll.

The last time, the assumption was that we'd attempt to make a device
that has more or less the feature set of GTA02. Now, depending on the
availability of certain components, it may be necessary to drop
some subsystems. We don't know yet which, if any, but I'd like to
know how any removals would change the demand.

Major items that could have to be removed:

- case: no case parts, just the bare board. The board geometry would
  still be compatible with GTA02, so someone having an empty GTA02
  case (or something equivalent) could place the board inside.

- LCM: the device would come without the LCD display. Anyone who has
  a GTA01 or GTA02 LCD display could connect it.

- battery: there would be no battery. GTA01 and GTA02 batteries and
  the usual substitutes could be used in their stead.

- GPS: the entire GPS subsystem (chips, antenna, connector) would be

- WLAN: the entire WLAN subsystem (module, antenna, and a few smaller
  components) would be absent

- BT: the entire Bluetooth subsystem (module, antenna, and a few
  smaller components) would be absent

The overall conditions would be similar to before: the per device cost
would be about USD 500 (FOB origin, so add shipping costs and any
customs fees and taxes).

Since the objective would be to pay for the making of the prototypes,
not the production of commercial-grade devices, the engineering and
production risk would be on the side of the buyer. If anything
doesn't work, be it due to flaws in the design or due to manufacturing
problems, you'd still have to pay for it. (So reviewing the material
is a form of protecting your investment ;-)

What I'm looking for is an indication of how many units you would want
given a certain minimum configuration. E.g.,


would mean that you wouldn't want any if GPS, WLAN, or BT were to be
dropped from the design (but note that they can still fail to work
due to bugs), but that you wouldn't require case, LCM, or battery.

none: 2

would mean that you don't require any of the above items, i.e., that
you'd already be happy just to have CPU, audio, USB, and GSM.

If you would actually be happy if something was omitted, please feel
free to indicate this as well. However, it may not be possible to
accommodate any individual wishes (besides simple ones, like "no
battery"), nor would omitting something necessarily change the cost. 

This is just to get an idea of what numbers we're talking about,
without any commitment.

Please feel free to send me a private mail if you don't want to post
to the list. I'll then post an "anonymized" summary.

- Werner

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