[gta02-core] how many gta02-core devices ?

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Thu Apr 22 15:26:48 CEST 2010

Al Johnson wrote:
> That, or get one from somewhere else. There seem to be plenty on ebay.

Yes, the question isn't so much "what do we do if we can't get
them ?" but rather "is it worth the trouble for us to take care
of them ?".

The LCMs can be found but I haven't checked yet if the prices are
reasonable. One ballpark figure I have is USD 32 apiece, but I
don't know how old this price is and if there are any unmentioned
strings attached. (Like "No minimum quantity, as long as the total
order is at least 100 kUSD." or "Must be a drinking buddy of the

So I'd say anything between USD 30-40 would be a good price, USD
40-50 still bearable. If all sources have considerably higher
prices, even if you buy, say, 10 units, then this would need
further investigation.

- Werner

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