[gta02-core] how many gta02-core devices ?

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Mon Apr 26 12:21:24 CEST 2010


>   http://www.alibaba.com/product/tw100428701-100236228-0/Micro_Sdio_Wlan_Card_802_11n.html
>   But requires Linux 62.6. Considering that we're barely at 2.6.34
>   after something like 19 years, it would take something like 430
>   more years. A admire their long-term planning, though.

That's just a typo.
The Spectec SDW-823 exists and works. It is indeed the world's only microSD
Wi-Fi card available in retail, another one from KDDI was only shown as
prototypes. The SDW-823 has a Keystream KS-7010 chip inside.

I have one and it works, more info here:

However, you are right in not considering the SDW-823 any further. Keystream
was bought by Renesas, and has since been fully integrated into the company,
with the KS-7010 being effectively discontinued.
Spectec has only made small batches of this card (thanks to Microsoft
blocking this particular functionality in Windows Mobile).
Nobody will invest any more serious time or money into it, also for our
Ben NanoNotes it's a "for hackers only" option. We got it to work, but we'll
leave it there.

Consumer electronics are all about integration, I don't believe in modularity.
I can get a full GSM phone for 18 USD retail now, in China (and thus with a
small markup in half the world). Works like a charm.

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