[gta02-core] component update

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Tue Jan 12 15:26:34 CET 2010

Patryk Benderz wrote:
> do you need help finding possible substitutes for above? If yes, then
> what about maximum prices for each component? Or is the price to be
> considered later?

In the quantities we need, SDRAM should cost something like USD 5-6
apiece. Since this chip is already several years old, there may now
be better/cheaper substitutes.

The codec may be in the USD 6-7 range. Mouser have it for USD 6.70,
Farnell for UKP 4.11.

PMU and GPS around USD 10. Arrow has the PMU but only in multiples
of 1000. Arrow list the GPS, but without price.

I would try to ask the manufacturers if they can give us samples.
This would still leave us with numerous individual shipments that
all need to clear customs, but it would at least cut the cost

An alternative approach may be to send them to someone in a country
with friendly customs who then bundles them into a single shipment,
to keep the logistics simpler.

- Werner

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