[gta02-core] kicad patches from 5793 don't apply to rev 2243

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Fri Jan 22 00:20:15 CET 2010

Evgeniy Ginzburg wrote:
> I'll see tonight or tomorrow if current kicad builds/works OK with
> those patches and will report back.

Okay, thanks !

> Have you any suggestions how to test functionality implemented in patches?

eeschema --plot extension:

- run "make gen"

- "make xpdf" should now show you the schematics

If "make gen" fails, the patch didn't work.

Pinedit collisions: this one is a bit complicated. There's a
description of what it does in
but to make sense of it, you have to be familiar with one of KiCad's
least intuitive feature, multi-part schematics symbols. We haven't
needed this functionality for months, so it's not a major item until
the next time we have to make or edit some complex components for
the schematics. And by then, that whole subsystem may well have
changed. In any case, it's probably easy to update the patch, even
without testing.

ERC pin exceptions:

- click on the "Schematics Electric Rules Check" icon (upper icon
  bar, check-mark on circle)

- click on "Test Erc"

- the "Erc File Report" should say something like "Total Errors
  Count: 7 (5 exceptions)"

If it doesn't mention the exceptions, the patches didn't work.

Just one warning: current work on KiCad mainline is causing build
failures and the like. This also means that these versions see very
little testing. So I wouldn't consider the SVN head a viable base
for us right now, and any work on the patches may have to be
redone once KiCad has stabilized again.

- Werner

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