[gta02-core] BOM processing: things to review

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Sat Jan 30 22:57:47 CET 2010

I wrote:
> Meanwhile, I'll work on mapping the remaining components.

Done. All are mapped now. However, some of the mappings may be

E.g., CON6001 had the LCM module's ID as its value. bom2part happily
picked this up as a direct ID match. I've now changed the value to
the connector number and put the (useful) reference to the module
below as F1.

Another example are the under-specified components: e.g., all we
know about L7602 is that it needs a 4.7 nH inductor in a 0402
package. There are two in the inventory, one by AVX and one by
Murata. The former has a tolerance of 0.3 nH while the latter has a
tolerance of 0.1 nH. Not sure if we care or not.

Below is a list of components for which we have multiple choices.
The first line has source and part number pairs, the second line
lists the component references.

R1513 and so on are tricky, because the only difference between the
two resistors is the tolerance, and we usually don't specify 5%. I
should probably just add a 5% default.

The KEVs look like something's wrong in my matching system. The rest
are probably caused by missing footprints.

Next: part2order comes up with overly pessimistic results. Have to
find out where it goes wrong.

- Werner

--------------------------------- cut here ---------------------------------

AVX TLJT107M010R0900 DUMMY C4110 AVX TLJA107M006R0500

KARMAX KEV040205331A KARMAX KEV040209151A
D4405 D4901 D3002 D4601 D4902 D4402 D3001 D4602 D4302 D4105 D4106 D4403 D4903 D4301 D4905 D4904 D4404


R1513 R4701 R4920 R1754 R7608 R1714 R1521 R1512 R1524 R6004 R1713 R1918 R2502 R1503 R1709 R1502 R4702 R7605

L1704 L1701

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