[gta02-core] Openmoko Beagle Hybrid

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at computer.org
Tue May 11 09:56:18 CEST 2010

There is now a new Wiki page for the project:


I have received some questions why we did not put all this into a nice  
design. The main reason is that we can't redesign the Beagleboard (it  
has fixed dimensions) and we can't afford to build plastic injection  
moulds (if someone has an idea how to reduce cost this is very  
welcome). So the easiest solution was to combine what we have: a given  
Beagleboard and the Freerunner case.

Other questions were what one could do with this. Here some ideas (not  
assuming it is complete - you may have more and it is a platform for  
your creativity):

	• experimenting with touchscreen and new user interfaces on Beagleboard
	• learn how the OMAP3530 CPU works
	• make it a truly open mobile application development platform by  
adding a battery pack and a UMTS usb stick
	• investigate how an Openmoko with UMTS and OMAP3530 feels (not from  
haptics but screen operation and UMTS speed)
	• porting SHR, QtMoko, Android, etc. to ARM-Cortex A8

And here some feature list:

	• PCB that fits into Freerunner case (top cover and middle part after  
cutting a hole)
	• works also without such a case (except speakers and earset)
	• Toppoly LCM interface (same display as used in the Freerunner -  
otherwise it would not fit into the case)
	• TSC2007 touch screen controller
	• Microphone
	• Earset and Speaker connector (for those sitting in the Freerunner  
	• 2 buttons (AUX and Power)
	• 2 dual color LEDs (in the AUX and Power buttons)
	• vibracall driver
	• headset jack to connect microphone, earset and speaker

For the software, we have to rearrange the code on our server a little  
and then it will be made public.

Finally, here you can do preorders:



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