[gta02-core] Openmoko Beagle Hybrid

Michael Trimarchi trimarchi at gandalf.sssup.it
Tue May 11 19:02:10 CEST 2010


Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> Am 11.05.2010 um 17:50 schrieb Michael Trimarchi:
>> Hi,
>> RANJAN wrote:
>>> A  really good idea.Looking forward to its release.
>>> R.Sriranjan
>>> On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 1:26 PM, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller
>>> <hns at computer.org>wrote:
>> I don't know why it's usefull, sorry for the question. If you can 
>> give me a board that replace
>> the gta02 board and I can reuse battery and display and keyboard, 
>> that's can be great but other type
>> of solution change openmoko on a developement board
Is there a place for a gumstix and a dougher board there? so remove it and
connect a gumstix with a flat to a doughter with and umts modem.
What do you think?

> You are completely right in your expectation that we share. We would 
> be happier if we could offer a motherboard replacement for the 
> Freerunner. With OMAP and UMTS. But as Werner has already found out in 
> the GTA02-core project this is still very far from becoming reality. 
> The complexity is balancing circuit design with availability and cost 
> of chips, and pcb layout with production processes.
> Nevertheless, the great open source mobile phone software developed by 
> this community (SHR, QtMoko, FSO etc.) needs to have modern open and 
> documented hardware to keep pace with pretededly-open platforms like 
> iPhone, WebOS, etc. Therefore, this Openmoko Beagle Hybrid board gives 
> us a tool to develop mobile applications with state of the art 
> performance (except form factor).
> We, a small team of hardware developers, will continue to work on 
> integrating everything better - but this is a long way to go. I am 
> sure we will finally succeed because we have decided to do so, but I 
> don't know when.
> So it is better to have something suboptimal than nothing...
> Nikolaus
>> Michael
>>>> There is now a new Wiki page for the project:
>>>>       http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Openmoko_Beagle_Hybrid
>>>> I have received some questions why we did not put all this into a nice
>>>> design. The main reason is that we can't redesign the Beagleboard (it
>>>> has fixed dimensions) and we can't afford to build plastic injection
>>>> moulds (if someone has an idea how to reduce cost this is very
>>>> welcome). So the easiest solution was to combine what we have: a given
>>>> Beagleboard and the Freerunner case.
>>>> Other questions were what one could do with this. Here some ideas (not
>>>> assuming it is complete - you may have more and it is a platform for
>>>> your creativity):
>>>>       • experimenting with touchscreen and new user interfaces on
>>>> Beagleboard
>>>>       • learn how the OMAP3530 CPU works
>>>>       • make it a truly open mobile application development 
>>>> platform by
>>>> adding a battery pack and a UMTS usb stick
>>>>       • investigate how an Openmoko with UMTS and OMAP3530 feels 
>>>> (not from
>>>> haptics but screen operation and UMTS speed)
>>>>       • porting SHR, QtMoko, Android, etc. to ARM-Cortex A8
>>>> And here some feature list:
>>>>       • PCB that fits into Freerunner case (top cover and middle part
>>>> after
>>>> cutting a hole)
>>>>       • works also without such a case (except speakers and earset)
>>>>       • Toppoly LCM interface (same display as used in the 
>>>> Freerunner -
>>>> otherwise it would not fit into the case)
>>>>       • TSC2007 touch screen controller
>>>>       • Microphone
>>>>       • Earset and Speaker connector (for those sitting in the 
>>>> Freerunner
>>>> case)
>>>>       • 2 buttons (AUX and Power)
>>>>       • 2 dual color LEDs (in the AUX and Power buttons)
>>>>       • vibracall driver
>>>>       • headset jack to connect microphone, earset and speaker
>>>> For the software, we have to rearrange the code on our server a little
>>>> and then it will be made public.
>>>> Finally, here you can do preorders:
>>>>       http://www.handheld-linux.com/wiki.php?page=Openmoko%20Beagle
>>>> Nikolaus
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