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Nathael Pajani nathael.pajani at ed3l.fr
Sat May 15 19:08:42 CEST 2010

Hi all

Werner said that the challenge is to find a person able to reuse the openmoko case design 
to make a new one from it.

Then I know of such a person : mattinv at gmail.com

I already spoke to him of this project, and he had a look at the case of my openmoko last 
week while he was in France.

Here are the original 3D schematics :

I let you speak with him if you want to take some of his time.


Le 14/05/2010 16:36, Werner Almesberger a écrit :
> Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
>> There is now a new Wiki page for the project:
>>        http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Openmoko_Beagle_Hybrid
> Kewl. But where's the duct tape ? :-)
>> I have received some questions why we did not put all this into a nice
>> design. The main reason is that we can't redesign the Beagleboard (it
>> has fixed dimensions) and we can't afford to build plastic injection
>> moulds (if someone has an idea how to reduce cost this is very
>> welcome).
> Low-volume injection molding should be quite affordable if you
> provide the cast (aluminium) or at least a machine-ready design.
> Of course, if you have to pay for the entire design work too,
> things will get expensive.
> However, you may also want to consider making the parts directly,
> without going via a cast. This is much more expensive for larger
> quantities, but if you only need a handful of cases anyway, it
> should be more efficient.
> The issue then becomes access to equipment and experience. I think
> making a simple case should be little more than a weekend project
> for someone who's set up to do such things. The challenge seems to
> be to find such a person, or - if you're looking for an exciting
> new hobby - to become one :-)
> - Werner
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