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Tue Apr 7 09:45:36 CEST 2009

hello people

Some random thoughts .... from a sideline follower:)

As I understand openmoko must start to make more money to be able to make

What about starting to tweak the Neo some what more first.

- Like adding a web camera module over the sim card, it's room there, and
connect it to usb and sell that add on
- improve the battery and sell new batteries
- dual sim card support?

Just small things that not cost much and is easy to implement and sell.
Maybe other ideas?

This could be done in parallell with the comunity working on GTA03 specs.

Then start to focus more on GTA03, I understand from IRC that raster got
some ideas and designs, but just make a prototype that works well as a phone
with GTA02 software. Learn from mistakes made from GTA02 when picking
hardware, listen to the community, get hardware that has drivers. Focus more
on wifi than 2G, 2,5G, 3G, 3.5G or 4G. Think about cost cutting all the

Make price a selling point more than open and Linux, but of course do both.
But make a really good communication connecting device that is first and for
most a good PHONE :)

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