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Thu Apr 9 12:04:41 CEST 2009

Hi, and welcome too :-)

I agree that the mailing list will a first starting point only. Using  
that as the knowledge base will be a big problem at searching the  
important things when it grows.

Ideas could be discussed beforehand of any actions like to form a  
group who will look deeper to it.

Also I see the dangerous of a mailing list to be used to 'organize'  
things or post what decisions are made is leading into always more  
searching of 'where was the decision made?' ... 10 minutes later: oh  
here. I have used the wrong words to search for.

We need to think about what technical setup wee use in a company and  
try to find similar solutions for the web.

Samples (I think, would be used in a company - except direct face to  
face conversations):

Propably good ideas could be put on an idea board to be candidates to  
integrate. Then voting could also help getting feedback from the  
But at the end a decision must be made by those, who know about the  
doability, thus disqualifying the idea with a comment why, or put it  
on hold.

When an idea becomes to be a candidate to become concrete. Using a  
task board and collect, who will be involved.
For that task, use a phpBB or the like board (sub category) to  
concentrate discussions.

Project planning software - who makes what at which time or day =>  
there are propably web based solutions for it.

If I think about this, I would expect the benefits of filtering out  
ideas early, but have a short list of all these ideas on hold. Keep  
technical concerns concentrated at one place, we know who will be  
involved and when the tasks are planned for execution.

That way a potential company could quickly participate by looking at a  
short and concentrated idea/task/project board.

Would this be a way to form the comunity to be successful?

If not, how has www.amsat.org got this organized?

We could also learn from them and ask for feedback :-)


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